Italy Work Visa for Pakistanis 2023

Italy Work Visa for Pakistani

Italy Jobs for Pakistanis: Italy is a progressing country and is regarded as the third-largest economy in the Eurozone. This country is known for its rich culture, stunning architecture, and world-famous cuisine. One of its renowned features is the quality of life offering an excellent healthcare system, affordable cost of living, high-quality education, and a wide range of job opportunities for skillful aspiring professionals, especially in the areas of technology, agriculture, and tourism.

If someone is looking for an opportunity to work in one of Europe’s countries, then Italy is the best choice and an ideal destination for workers and their families. There are a lot of job possibilities in this country for individuals with a broad spectrum of skills and talents. Further, it is needless to say, this historic nation procures a healthy environment that supports people thriving while appreciating their contributions to the nation.

Italy Work Visa for Pakistani
Italy Work Visa for Pakistani

Italy Work Visa for Pakistanis

Italy work visa for Pakistani 2023 belongs to a visa category that permits Pakistani citizens to legally work in Italy. It is a great opportunity for Pakistanis to live a fantastic life and build a rewarding career in Italy. So, what are you waiting for, just start planning your move today and unlock the door to a successful future in Italy.

The Italian government issues different types of employment visas, such as work permits and seasonal work visas for skilled professionals or non-skilled individuals. According to the announcement by the Italian authorities, Italy has finally decided to expand the work permit quota for foreign unskilled workers and startup visa applicants from third countries up to 82,705 spots for the year 2023. Additionally, the concerning authorities have also mentioned that the applications for work permits under the 2023 quota can be submitted from 27th of March, 2023.

This very expansion in quota will allow about 7,000 more third-country nationals to apply for Italy work visas this year in comparison with the last year. However, it has further been clarified that such work visas will be issued to applicants in specific markets and will not apply to foreigners with highly skilled work permits.

According to a report on, by raising the work permit quota, Italy is aimed to address labour shortages across the country.

Italy Work Visa for Pakistanis Quota Reservations

A total of 44,000 spots under the work permit quota for the current year are reserved for seasonal work.

And, in addition, 31,205 spots are reserved for employment of some specific nationalities in professions such as telecommunications, construction, and tourism.

In this regard, 7,000 spots are also reserved for foreigners having a residential permit in Italy or other EU countries who want to change their status.

Also, 500 spots are reserved for self-employed people, including start-up owners, entrepreneurs, chairmen, prominent artists, CEOs, auditors, and members of boards of directors in Italian companies who have held their current position for at least 3 years.

Moreover, the quotas fixed for entries for non-seasonal and self-employed individuals consist of 38,705 units, of which the vast majority (30,105 units) is reserved for entries for non-seasonal subordinate work in the road haulage, construction, and tourism-hotel sectors.

Furthermore, according to the news this year, the mechanics from, the telecommunications, food, and shipbuilding industries are included also as the statement of the Italian government reads.
In a report by, more than 53% of agricultural firms in Italy’s Tuscany hire migrant workers.

A report conducted by the association named “Immigrants and Agriculture in the Tuscany Region”, showed around 24,000 migrant workers are pursuing in the agricultural sector in Tuscany.

Types of Italy Work Visa for Pakistanis

As Italy is an official member of the European Union (EU), it permits citizens of other EU members to Italy without a permit. People from countries that are members of the European Economic Area (EEA) are also eligible to work within Italy. Anyone who is not an EU or EEA citizen must have an Italian work visa, also known as Nulla Osta.

The Italy work visa for Pakistani is classified as the Long-Stay Visa, which could also be regarded as a National as well as a D-Visa. It is important to understand that an Italian work visa only permits workers to travel to Italy. For them to stay in Italy, it is compulsory to apply for a residence permit at the time of their arrival.

Documents Required for Italy Work Visa

Applicants may visit the website of the Consulate General of Italy in Karachi, Islamabad for complete information regarding the requirement of all necessary documents.

It is crucial to note that those who come from Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, the Syrian Arab Republic, and Pakistan, both residents of the aforesaid countries or persons who have stayed there for a longer period than four weeks, must have the international polio vaccination certificate attesting that they have been vaccinated against polio between 4 weeks and 12 months before the date of travel.

The submission of this very document in the Visa application for Italy is an additional eligibility requirement both for issuing the Visa and crossing external borders.

It is also notable that applicants must submit a complete set of photocopied documents along with their applications.

Certain Conditions to Application for Italian Work Visa

Those citizens from other countries which are not part of the EU and EEA are required to have some job in Italy before they apply for an Italian work visa.

They will also need a work permit that employers must submit with the relevant documents supplied by the employee.

In addition to the form for an application for a work permit in Italy, the employees of the company will require the following documents:

  • Original copy of the employment contract;
  • Original copy of Nulla Osta;
  • A passport consisting of 2 blank pages valid for at least 3 months after the visa expiration date;
  • Photos of passports;
  • Fully completed Italian Long-Stay Visa Application Form;
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources and payment of visa fees;
  • Diplomas and other certificates of qualification.

Application Process

  • The process for obtaining a Nulla Osta begins with a job offer in Italy.
  • Then the employer is required to apply for a work permit through the immigration office of the Italian province of their choice.
  • When the work permit is issued, the employer must send this to employees.
  • The employer will inform the Italian consulate or embassy where the employee will apply for a work visa.
  • The employee will first download the Italian Work Visa Application Form, fill it out thoroughly, combine all the essentially required documents, and then submit the complete application in person to the Italian embassy or consulate.
  • The applicant will be given six months till the approval for a visa to enter Italy.
  • Within 8 days of entering the country, the employee has to request an additional permit for residence, known as permesso di soggiorno. Its application can be obtained from a local postal office in Italy.

Cost of Italy Work Visa for Pakistani

The cost of an Italian work visa for Pakistanis is EUR 116, according to the Consulate General of Italy in Karachi.

Validity of Italy Work Visa for Pakistanis

An Italy work visa for Pakistani may be valid for a maximum period of 2 years, depending on the contract of employment. However, it can be renewed for up to 5 years later on.

Other Important Considerations

One of the most important considerations while applying for an Italy work visa can be that the applications will only be accepted for a period of a few months each time up to two years. It depends on the immigration status as well as what is happening in the Italian labor market.

There are also other work permits that the Italian government issues during the specified time. Highly skilled individuals may be exempted from these quotas; however, they must undergo the whole process of seeking a work visa and permit.

As per the Embassy of Italy in Islamabad, applicants from Pakistan must apply for an Italian work visa at least 3 weeks before their travel date.

Pakistani citizens can apply for an Italy work visa either from the Consulate General of Italy in Karachi or the Embassy of Italy in Islamabad at the following addresses:

Consulate General of Italy in Karachi

85 Old Clifton, Shahra-e-Iran, Karachi 75600

Contact: + 922135870031

Embassy of Italy in Islamabad

Plot 196/208, Street 16, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad

Contact: +92512833183 / +92512833184

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