Italy Jobs for Pakistani Students 2023

Italy Jobs for Pakistani Students

Italy Jobs for Pakistani Students 2023: Italy as a well-growing country is the third-largest economy in the Eurozone. This country is renowned for its thriving history, diverse culture, artistic heritage, and best quality of life providing a good healthcare system, high-quality education, and excellent job opportunities for aspiring individuals offering them an extensive range of employee benefits, including holidays, maternity, vacation, fair wages, and overtime facilities.

If someone is looking for an opportunity to work while studying in Europe, then Italy is one of the ideal destinations in the world. There are many job possibilities in this country for international students. Italy promotes work while studying by helping international students to meet most of their expenses there.

Italy Jobs for Pakistani Students
Italy Jobs for Pakistani Students

In Italy, international students do not need any official documents for part-time work. However, they must follow the rules to work when studying in Italy. The allowed duration to work for such students is up to 20 hours per week whereas; they can work full time during the days of semester off.

Italy Jobs for Pakistani Students 2023

Minimum Wage in Italy for Pakistani Students

For international students in Italy, the minimum wage rate per hour is 7 Euros. They can work up to 4 hours a day and 20 hours a week, thus by this calculation, one can earn up to 140 Euros a week and 560 Euros a month by doing so.

Part Time Job Options for Pakistani Students in Italy

Hotel / Restaurant Job Opportunities

Since Italy is famous for tourist attractions in Europe because of its historical architecture and serene landscape, the hotels and restaurants remain full of foreign guests all round year. International students may prefer doing part time jobs in these hotels and restaurants due to flexible working hours and relatively high rates of wages per hour. Among other benefits besides good hourly wages is that the students may get connections with locals who can support them in learning Italian culture and especially the local language. By learning so, the chances are enhanced by opening more fruitful job possibilities for international students.

English Teaching Jobs

Since English is an international language, it has high demand in Italy as well. International students with good English language skills are preferred to be hired as English tutors for teaching the basics of English to young ones. An English teaching job in Italy can easily be found through online job portals.

Internships for Pakistani Students in Italy

International students who are doing Master or above degrees from Italy can get internships in Italian Companies more conveniently. Here the key point to success in attaining an internship position is being sharp with respect to Italian language skills. The students undergoing studies related to science, technology, engineering, and applied arts can pursue internships more easily from this source.

Residence Permit for Work in Italy

The students must arrange to convert their student visa to a work visa before the end of extension of visa duration for six to twelve months. After completing higher education in Italy, such students can apply for different career positions. However, they need to obtain a work permit to continue employment full-time. A work permit or residence permit for work like permesso di soggiorno per lavoro is the best option for residing to work in Italy and doing a full-time job.

Living Expenses in Italy

Living expenses in Italy can vary relying on one’s living standards like his lifestyle, the city where he resides, and actually on his personal choices or preferences. The estimated average monthly cost with simple living standards in Italy might be 700 Euros approximately.

Italian Ambassador to Pakistan

In an interview, while addressing Pakistan, the Italian ambassador, Sir Andreas revealed that around 15,000 Pakistanis received visas from his country last year and more number is expected in the current year.

The Italian ambassador explained that the number of migrant workers is high as Italy is facing manpower shortages for the time being, recommending that the number might rise even more in the coming years.

During his interview, he further disclosed that the Pakistani community in Italy sent 1 billion Euros to Pakistan in 2022.

He added to his discussion that 220 million people in Pakistan offer a large market for Italian products.

The ambassador also added that both Italy and Pakistan are depending on green energy sources as a consequence of their respective energy crises. He claimed that both nations are learning from each other’s experiences to deal with this critical issue.

His remarks highlight the strengthening ties between Italy and Pakistan, including expanded economic cooperation, energy reform initiatives, and a shared passion for tourism-related promotion on a regular basis.

Application Procedure for Applying for a Work Permit in Italy

The students can begin to seek employment during their studies or after accomplishment of their education in Italy, and as soon as they find a job offer at one of Italian Company or organizations in accordance with their qualifications, they can forthwith apply for a work permit or employment visa. They can apply online for a residence permit for work and will submit the following documents at immigration office of Italy to convert their student visa into a work permit:

  • Employment document terms;
  • Recent tax return copy of employer;
  • Employer’s annual business balance sheet;
  • Official letter from the employing company regarding the invoices issued during the current year;
  • VAT tax return file;
  • Employer’s contact number and email address;
  • Housing compliance.

The applicants only require a valid student visa, proof of suitable accommodation, and a genuine job offer letter. Such a work permit will allow a stay for a duration of two years and time to work for up to 48 hours per week.

Application processing for a work permit takes thirty days after submission, and then the document is sent automatically to the concerned Italian diplomatic authorities who are in charge of issuing the work visa.

Permanent Residency in Italy

The Pakistanis who wish to study and work in Italy must first go through properly the whole procedure and then meet all the necessary requirements, and most importantly they need to understand comprehensively how to secure an Italian student visa, residency permit, and finally the work visa. Here the significant part is to obtain a work visa that can be the pathway to permanent residency in Italy.

In short, the Italian work visa is a great opportunity for international students including Pakistani students to build a rewarding career and live a good quality fantastic life in Italy. By thoroughly understanding the requirements and gathering the essential documents, a Pakistani student in Italy can find a good job there after completing his studies or as per his already acquired educational qualification, thus resulting in obtaining an Italian job visa. So, start to plan your move today and open the door to a shining future in Italy.

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